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We want to equip and encourage YOU, Momma! Here you'll find a wealth of resources at your fingertips. We've got blogs, podcasts, videos, and books--plus lots of great resources right here on the pages of this website. Make sure you take some time to explore! Topics include godly parenting, homeschooling, safe literature suggestions, healthy recipes (many gluten free and allergy friendly) and more! And we're always open to suggestions, so let us know if there's a topic you'd like us to cover.

Our sister company, 4'sACrowd Publishing, produces some incredible resources. From fiction books to reading and writing curriculum to books just for you, Momma, you're sure to find something! Visit the "Our Products" page to learn more or visit our store to order! 

Wonder & WanderTM learning boxes launch Fall 2020! Each themed box contains a book or educational item and engaging learning activities along with lots of other goodies and resources to satisfy your kids' curiosity bug or stave off boredom!

These multi-age boxes are perfect for:

  • Unit Studies

  • Morning Baskets

  • Augmenting virtual/classroom learning

  • Vacation days or weekends

We have a Facebook Group!

Whether you're a homeschooler, have kiddos attending public school, or find yourself schooling from home virtually this is a community to ask questions, share thoughts and resources, and get equipped. We post videos, resources, and other information here frequently! Stop on by and join the conversation! 

Looking for quality books for your kids? Knowing what to read to your children--or what to allow them to read--can be a struggle! That's why we've created an ever growing lists of books by age, reading level, genre, and topic. We also review nearly every book we read, so you can find the best and safest literature for your children. 

For thoughts on home schooling, parenting, healthy living, following Jesus, education strategies, and much more visit our blog! 

If you'd rather listen then read our Living Room LibraryTM podcast is for you!

Classic literature read aloud for a new generation. Don't miss an episode--subscribe today!


coming soon

Looking for videos about homeschooling, learning styles, reading tips, and more? Look no further! 

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