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letting go of the lies and letting god write your story

Do you long for acceptance without strings? Do you strive for the picture perfect life? Do you feel like a failure? Do you wonder if God hears you? You don't have to have it all together in order for your life to be a beautiful story. A.E. Fuhrman's newest book delves into 25 lies we often buy into that impact our identity and our living.

Our sister company, 4's A Crowd Publishing, produces some incredible resources. Here are some of the ones developed by those of us right here at Smudged Pages! If you like what you see head over to our store! 

The resistance series:


When WW3 brings humanity to the brink of extinction, desperate measures are enacted to ensure that nothing like this will ever occur again. A global government controls the world's population through forced supplements and genetic modifications. But some are immune to this treatment. Considered a threat to society, they are labeled Deviants and are interned in relocation campuses. Yet one Deviant, locked away from humanity, uncovers evidence that persuades her the entire population is living a lie. Now can she convince anyone else before she is silenced? 


Something is wrong--Colette Vegas can feel it. When a brain aneurysm and stroke rob her of her memory, Colette undergoes an experimental procedure. All seems to go well. But then Colette begins experiencing memories that aren't her own. Someone else is inside her head. In seeking answers to this disturbing problem, she discovers a powerful connection with Leera Coonts, a rehabilitated Deviant. But the two of them may have stumbled across more than they've bargained for. Powerful people are interested in what they've got and will stop at nothing to replicate it.                              The second book in The Resistance series.

writing curriculum:

wonderful writing prompts

This painless program teaches the style elements for all major genres of fiction, many styles of poetry, and the most common forms of non-fiction writing, Tips for gently introducing mechanics are included, as well as a reading list of books that model each style of writing.
For grades 2-12

stupendous story starters

Designed to serve as an accompaniment to Wonderful Writing Prompts or as as stand alone for budding authors, this volume contains the start of over 60 stories. Additional ideas and background information are provided to help fan the creative flame in each student.
For grades 3-12

100 books series:

100 books to learn
to read

This unique program uses quality children's literature to take your child from basic phonetic decoding to confident, fluent reading. Comprehension questions and springboard activities enhance the learning process.


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