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wonder & wandertm

Hands-On Learning Boxes Coming Soon!

for ages 4-7

Each box contains a book or other large item and 4-5 fun and engaging learning activities PLUS...

  • A theme related reading list

  • Career cards (to explore careers linked to this theme)

  • Extension activities to dive deeper

  • A comprehensive parent's guide to help you facilitate learning

  • An optional Faith Pack add-on

These multi-age boxes are perfect for:

  • Morning Baskets

  • Unit Studies

  • Augmenting virtual or classroom learning

  • Vacation days or weekends

  • Anytime curiosity or boredom strikes!


First Box theme:

Night Flight

Explore amazing night fliers--owls, bats, and moths--as we debunk myths, learn how these nocturnal creatures navigate, and discover why they're important pieces of their ecosystems. 

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