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homeschooling 101 workshop


Congratulations! You're on your way to clarity and confidence.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Are considering homeschooling and wondering if it is the right choice for your family

  • Have made the decision to homeschool but don't know how to go about getting started

  • Are new to homeschooling and still have questions about making it work

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The benefits and why's of homeschooling

  • The disadvantages and why-not's to consider

  • The 5 major styles of homeschooling

  • The 5 major learning styles

  • How to integrate homeschooling into your lifestyle



"The Homeschooling 101 workshop helped us better understand the different types of curriculums, what they consist of, and how to do a combination of them if we choose to. It also brought a light on how we don't have to be 'teachers' in order to be able to teach our children, which was one of my biggest concerns."

-Carmelina D., Maryland


"I was sitting at home one day in a  cloud of confusion from the news of  school being cancelled. I saw a post  from Aimee offering workshop on  how to homeschool...Aimee's vast  knowledge of not only homeschooling but also  different curriculums, styles, and resources for all is what  catapulted  me into homeschooling. Her handouts and FB posts have ignited my confidence, and I'm truly grateful we  met"

-Tiara C., Colorado

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