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thank you, supporters!

Years ago I had the vision for Smudged Pages. Of course it wasn't called that yet, nor was the concept fully developed, but it was rolling around in the back of my brain. It was a dream in the making!

That dream got shoved to the back burner as I focused on being a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher. Still, I knew someday I wanted to write and speak and minister to moms. But God knew I wasn't ready yet. He had to take me through the valleys of physical suffering, mental depression, and a dark season of the soul in order to develop in me the compassion and humility He knew I'd need to run such a ministry. But still I lacked so many skills.

Then one day an opportunity dropped into my lap. I had the chance to learn so many of the skills I'd been trying to learn on my own--things like social media, marketing, and podcasting--along with the ins and outs of the publishing world. But I didn't have the money. I was given the wise advice of funding my learning by running a Kickstarter campaign. So I dove in, creating a campaign around my book Smudged Pages and the idea of an accompanying ministry. The response was overwhelming and humbling. God provided what I needed through the support of 53 amazing people--people who said, "I believe in your vision and your message!" 

I would like to publicly say THANK YOU to these people! Here they are from the very first backer to the cherry on top! The work we do here wouldn't have been possible without them.

-Aimee Fuhrman

The Creative Fund by BackerKit
Karol Ann Krakauer of Picture Songs
Meredith Hooker
Monique Thompson
Teddi Parker of Teddi Parker Art
Giny McConathy
Dave & Elizabeth Marshall
Tiffany Schreiber
Lestel Meade of Century 21 Humpel in

Ft. Collins, CO
Steve Parker of Parker Recording
Jen Harrington
Hillary Lowe
Christine Kieft
Kathy Kechter
Keri Jerjovec
Jacob Troyer of J. T. Media
Janet Elliot
Design Case, LLC


James Wade
Jason & Leah Rohlf
Joel Gilbert of Poolesville Baptist Church in Poolesville, MD
Elizabeth Barber
Jennifer Wade
Ryan Fuhrman
Susan Hall
Doug Triplett
Christy McCoullough
Lia Mills
Toby Sheppard
Andrea Kastein
Roger & Linda Fuhrman
Debbie Campbell
Frances Way
Sue Cecil
Theresa Anderson


James Beeson
Tina G
Amy Fisher
Katie Paulding
Erin Schneider
Zachariah Thoreen
Nathan Wilson
Monica Sheppard
Jeff & Angie Shoemaker
Janet Zuniga
Heidi Fuhrman
Dorothy Gilbert
Cori Pickering
Lindsey Sides
Lola Payne
Megan Montgomery
Edie Palmer

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