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The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski

G-appropriate for all

This is my all-time favorite Christmas picture book. If you don't already own it, this is the ONE Christmas book you should add to your collection!

A surly woodcarver widower is commissioned by a a lovely widow to carve a Christmas nativity set. Over the months, he is slowly changed by the attention and kindness of the lady and her young son. Come Christmas morning, he shares the joy of the holy day with the widow and her son.

Many a Christmas book are heartwarming, but this one touches me like few others. I love the picture it creates of Christ's transformative work in our hearts, and how we can partner with the Holy Spirit in reaching others with the Good News that Jesus' birth brought to the world. The illustrations by P.J. Lynch are gorgeous. This read-aloud is one the entire family will enjoy!


  • Christmas

  • wood carving


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