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A 30-day conversation with the Author of your story.
The enemy of your soul wants to compromise your identity as a child of God. He does this in the battleground of your mind. But you can resist the devil and find victory by renewing your mind with God's truth!

Each daily reflection in this devotional more closely examines truths found in God's Word to combat the one of the 25 common lies addressed in the book Smudged Pages: Letting Go of the Lies and Letting God Write Your Story or one of the battle strategies offered in The Smudged Pages Companion: A Guide to Letting Go of the Lies.
Each day includes:

  • a key verse
  • a recommended passage of Scripture to read on your own
  • a short reading to help illustrate the Scripture
  • a prayer based on one or more Bible verses

Like a refreshing summer rain that washes away the grime and fosters new growth, this devotional bathes your mind with God's truth, bringing freedom, healing, and renewal.

The Smudged Pages Devotional: Replacing the Lies with God's Truth

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