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The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War by Emily Little

G (appropriate for all ages)

This is such a fabulous retelling of this classic story! It is a higher level Easy Reader (level 5, which equates approx. to grades 2-4 depending on your child's reading ability, though the book can easily be enjoyed by a wider age range), and Emily Little has done a fabulous job of condensing this oft confusing story into its essential parts. The story is written as history, omitting the mythological components (such as involvement by the gods), and the pictures by Michael Eagle help clarify the narrative.

I highly recommend adding this to any elementary or middle school study of Greek history, or use it to augment a child's passion for Greek culture and mythology. I give this book a G rating, though there are scenes of war and mentions of praying to the goddess Athena.

This is an easy reader level 5.


  • History

  • Ancient Greece

  • The Trojan War

Parental cautions:

  • War

  • Praying to the goddess Athena


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