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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

(book 2 in the Chronicles of Narnia series)

PG (fantasy creatures including a witch, violence related to war, mild expletives)

As someone who absolutely LOVES the Chronicles of Narnia (I've read the whole series at least four times and am currently reading them aloud again to my youngest), I can say that this book is my absolute favorite. This is where the magic begins!

Now, I know there is a raging debate over the order in which the books should be read--chronological or by publication date--but as someone who as read the series both ways, I have to say there is no better introduction to Narnia than through the wardrobe! And yes, beginning at the birth of Narnia itself is a beautiful way to begin, but not nearly as magical as Lucy's delightful entry into the snowy wonderland that is Narnia under the spell of the White Witch.

If you have never delved into this magical realm with your children (or for yourself), I urge you to do so! The Chronicles of Narnia are wonderful as read alouds, and they hold the attention of young and old alike. (I read the books aloud when one of my sons was two. I assumed he was getting nothing out of them until one day he asked a question about "that big lion." Apparently this kid who would barely sit still for picture books was just as enthralled with the story as his older sisters!)

Though the content of this volume is hardly scarier than a classic Disney animated, some children with tender souls may struggle with the wicked characters in this book (namely the White Witch and her prowling wolf patrol). For that reason, and for a couple of slight profanities, I have given this book a PG rating.


  • loyalty

  • forgiveness

  • redemption

  • allegory of Christ's death and resurrection

Parental cautions:

  • evil fantasy creatures

  • war violence

  • slight expletives (damn, hell)

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