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Our Game Guide Helps with Christmas Gift Giving!

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We love to play games at our house. I mean, we REALLY love to play games at our house. We own well over 100 games now...and counting!

Maybe you enjoy games too. But they can be COSTLY!! And what if you invest money in a game that's just a dud? Arrgghh! We're here to help. Recently I began making a list of games we love, categorizing them by type of play, difficulty level, number of players, etc. These are games we've tried and proven. And there's something here for everyone...from preschoolers on up...from casual game players to serious game geeks. (We've even included educational games for use with homeschooling or extra study.)

Games make GREAT holiday gifts! You can choose games tailored to an individual's interest. Or pick a game the whole family can play during the chilly winter nights while on holiday break. Not sure where to start? We recommend thinking about the games you've loved to play in the past. Were they card games, dice games, board games? Did they involve competition or do you prefer a collaborative game? Look for those categories on the list and see if you see something new. If you do, give it a try! If not, look for something in a similar category. Card and dice games often share common elements. If you've played classic board games but are ready for a challenge, try light strategy games.

When it comes to purchasing your games, we've done the hard work for you! All you have to do is peruse the list, click on a game, and viola!--you're linked to Amazon with our affiliate links. This makes your shopping easier and helps us out just a little bit. (So thanks in advance for using this handy feature of our comprehensive took a long time! 'Whew')

You might want to bookmark the page, because we'll be adding to this list regularly. (It takes a while to categorize all the games we've got! Plus, I can guarantee we'll be adding more to our collection on a regular basis.)

You might also want to check out the videos page of our website, because we'll post game play and review videos as we create them.

Hope this helps with your holiday shopping.

Happy game playing!

The Fuhrmans


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