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Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise by Kate DiCamillo

(book 4 in the Mercy Watson series)

G (appropriate for all ages)

There isn't a Mercy Watson book we don't love! My son is older now, but with Halloween approaching and the family down with COVID-19, he just wanted to pull out an old favorite and re-read it for his oral reading to me. I was happy to let him. The comfort was mine as well as his!

In this 4th volume of the series, Mr. & Mrs. Watson dress Mercy up as a princess for Halloween. But when they take her trick-or-treating, chaos usual. It all ends with a happy party, though, complete with toast with a great deal of butter on it!

This is an easy reader chapter book.


  • Halloween

  • Getting along with others

  • Treating our enemies with kindness

Parental cautions:

  • Halloween--if this is offensive to your religious convictions


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