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Try Out the Smudged Pages Course© for FREE!

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You've taken the first step toward becoming the Masterpiece God's designed you to be.

Based on my award-winning book Smudged Pages: Letting Go of the Lies and Letting God Write Your Story, the Smudged Pages Course is designed to help you:

  • Shed the Lies of the Enemy

  • Renew Your Mind with God's Truth

  • Begin to Live in Victory

In this course you'll delve deeply into 5 categories of lies which commonly impact women's identities...lies of:

  1. Acceptance

  2. Performance

  3. Failures

  4. Expectations

  5. Your View of God


Using The Smudged Pages Companion: A Guide to Letting Go of the Lies as a guide, along with encouraging weekly videos, this study will immerse you in God's Word while helping you dig deeply to root out the lies you have believed and replace them with God's truth. It also covers how to battle the enemy and his lies so you do not fall captive to them again. The end result is a freedom of mind and heart that leads to a clearer understanding of your true identity as a child of the King!

Because I know your time and resources are valuable, I am gifting you the first week of this course ABSOLUTELY FREE! That way you can be sure this is the next best step in your journey toward living the life of peace & joy...hope & rest that God intends for you.

I look forward to hearing how God works in your life!



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