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Welcome to the smudged pages course!

I truly believe God has good things in store for you! The Holy Spirit wants to do a work of healing, renewal, and restoration in your life. Here is a summary of what's included in this course:

  • 1 copy of The Smudged Pages Companion: A Guide to Letting Go of the Lies

             (A workbook will be mailed to you soon. In the meantime, you have immediate access to an online version here.)

  • 10 weekly videos (Found below on this page.)

  • Lifetime access to the Smudged Pages Facebook group (You can join the group here.)

  • BONUS access to an online Devotional Guide (Found here.)

  • BONUS optional one-on-one coaching session (Schedule online here.)

The Smudged Pages Course is a self-paced course; feel free to complete it on your own schedule! However, I designed the course to be completed in ten weeks. Begin each week by watching the appropriate video below. Then complete the four days' worth of assignments in the workbook. Feel free to comment or ask questions at any time in the Facebook group. In fact, I encourage you to post your weekly focus wins or discoveries each week! Doing so will provide accountability, and the feedback from the community will be encouraging and motivating to keep you going.

If at any point you have questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact option on this website or through the Facebook group.

I look forward to hearing how God transforms your life!



week one

The Story's Premise

This week's video provides an introduction to the course as well as encouragement that life and hope is possible. The Holy Spirit wants to do the work of restoration and renewal in your life!

Week One Focus: Set the precedent to put aside distractions, dig deeply, and really engage with the material in the workbook on a personal level. AND join the conversation of Facebook for community and support.

week two

The Story's Theme

Week two focuses on identity and lies and how they intersect. In this video we look at God's theme of mercy & grace.

Week Two Focus: Get honest with yourself and determine where you've conformed to the world's design for identity rather than God's. AND jump into the Facebook group if you haven't already.

week three

The Story's Setting 

The components of our setting create the boundaries for our lives, but they can be broken and used against us by the enemy. But God wants to use these elements for our good and his glory.

Week One Focus: As you examine your (broken) setting, do some repenting where necessary, and offer forgiveness and reconciliation where you are able. (If you didn't sign up for a coaching package but find you are needing it, you can still add on one-on-one weekly or one-time coaching.)

week four

The Story's Characters

Now we start diving into the actual lies Satan feeds us. This week is all about lies of acceptance. We have a deep desire to belong, which often leads us to capitulate to others' expectations of us. But the only expectations we must meet are God's, and all the belonging we need is found in Jesus.

Week Four Focus: Think of these lies as extra items you've been carrying in your backpack. Begin to mentally and emotionally take out the unnecessary baggage! Don't forget to share your wins in the Facebook group. We want to celebrate with you!

week five

The Story's Plot

This week's lies focus on our performance (what we do). Society's standard of perfection has us either feeling like a failure or feeling prideful with no need for God. Both are lies! The cure? The message of the Gospel.

Week Five Focus: Surrender to God for the first time or afresh! (If you are new to the faith, please let me know--I want to support you!)

week six

The Story's Conflict

The lies this week are lies of failure. In this week's video we discuss how our failures lead to false guilt and a feeling of "not enough." But the reality is God loves you and wants to restore you and use you for his glory!

Week Six Focus: Open your heart (not just your mind) this week to the work of the Holy Spirit. And make sure you share with us in the Facebook group what clarity you get on God's purpose for you life!

week seven

The Story's Tone

This week is all about lies surrounding our expectations. In this week's video I share with you my God-story. This is how I know that I know there is a good God directing my destiny! That same good God is overseeing your life as well, which give you reason to hope!

Week Seven Focus: Do a survey of your life. Can you see God in your "coincidences?" Clarify your own God-story so you can share it with others (or turn to it when you need a reminder that God is and he is good)!

week eight

The Story's Point of View

This week examines whether we are writing from our own narrow perspective or allowing God to write from his omniscient perspective. And  we dive into lies about our view of God and how those impact how we relate to him.

Week Eight Focus: Examine how you actually relate to God/life in order to determine your operative understanding of God, not just your cognitive understanding of him.

week nine

The Story's Resolution

This week's video summarizes the Smudged Pages message. We bring all the pieces together to figure out exactly what lies need to go and how to take those thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus.

Week Nine Focus: Get specific--which lies have you bought into? Take action--engage in spiritual warfare and take those thoughts captive! Then replace them with God's truth for continued victory.

week ten

The Story's Epilogue

This week is chock full of tools for victory! We examine all the armor of God and how to wield our God-given weapons to take back ground and maintain it against the enemy.

Week Ten Focus: Look back and notice your changes and growth and celebrate that! AND take the time to learn and understand your armor and weapons.

Once you've found life transformation, maintain your new mindset!

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You've read the book and recognized the lies of the enemy. You've completed the companion guide/course and experienced restoration. Now it's time to live in your God-given identity. This means daily being transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The Smudged Pages Devotional: Replacing the Lies with God’s Truth, is a 30-day conversation with the Author of your story. In short, easy-to-read daily reflections, it focuses on truths found in God’s Word to combat each of the 25 lies addressed in Smudged Pages: Letting Go of the Lies and Letting God Write Your Story. Like a refreshing summer rain that washes away the grime and fosters new growth, this devotional dives into relevant scriptures to bathe your mind with God’s truth, bringing ongoing healing and renewal.

Get your copy Today!

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you also have continued support!

You have lifetime access to these videos and the Facebook support group, so stay connected for ongoing encouragement and accountability! I am also available to you now or anytime in the future. You can always schedule a one-time coaching session with me, or sign up for a weekly coaching session in conjunction with this Smudged Pages course (some go through it more than once) or as a Smudged Pages partner (program coming soon!).

As always...Blessings!